Veggie Tacos

Meatless Mondays may be trendy, but if your commitment to a vegetarian lifestyle extends to the other 6 days of the week as well, you’ll need a hearty log of veggie-based recipes to keep your appetite satisfied. Veggie tacos are exactly the sort of spin on traditional dishes that will keep you from craving meat on Taco Tuesdays. 

Missing The Meat, Not The Flavor

Veggie Flavored Meal

Veggie tacos can be prepared with any of your favorite vegetables and seasoned with the same sorts of spices taco meat would be, like chili, cayenne, and cumin. For protein and texture respectively, beans and corn are popular veggie taco inclusions. Plentiful helpings of these flavorful veggies can be presented in either corn or flour tortillas, alongside traditional sides like rice. Even sour cream, cheese, pico de gallo, and other favorite taco toppings can be added to veggie tacos. Almost everything you might enjoy about traditional tacos can be achieved with veggie tacos as well. 

Classic Dish, Modern Twist

Tacos are widely associated with Mexican cuisine, and while this is accurate, they were never exactly a national favorite when they originated—at least not among the upper echelons. The taco is thought to have first become popular with Mexican miners. The dish spread through working class communities in Mexico and eventually traveled across the Northern border as Mexican migrants worked railroads, mines, and other labor intensive jobs. Now, the taco has had more than a century to mature in American culture, which is why so many iterations (like the veggie taco) are readily available. 

Easy to Make, Easier to Eat

Making Veggie Tacos

A delicious and simple meal, tacos are likely so popular because of their ease. The nature of their design means tacos can be eaten as street food or as a sit-down meal, and neither of these methods seems unusual. Veggie tacos are particularly appealing because, unlike many meatless versions of popular foods, the veggie taco does not taste lacking or deficient in any way. Thanks to the flavorful Mexican spices, a taco filled entirely with veggies is just as delicious as one filled with meat. 

Preparing Veggie Tacos

Methods for preparing veggie tacos vary depending on the sorts of veggies you’d like to include. Some popular versions are:

No matter which type of recipe you choose, you’ll either roast the vegetables in the oven, or cook them in a skillet. Of course, these methods of preparation will result in veggies with two very different consistencies, so bear that in mind as you peruse recipes. You can choose any sort of tortilla to accompany your veggie taco filling, though corn tortillas are the most authentic. 

Plenty of Personal Touches

Though peppers, beans, corn, squash, and onions are general favorites when it comes to veggie tacos, there are some other intriguing variations to consider as well:

  • Including mushrooms, as they’re a great veggie texture that mimics that of meat
  • Adding potatoes (either sweet or regular) for a more filling dish 
  • Garnishing with pickled red onion for an extra kick

As with regular tacos, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your own spin on veggie tacos. So long as you leave out the meat and welcome the Mexican spices, you’ll be hard pressed to create veggie tacos that aren’t delicious. 

Whether you’re a staunch vegetarian or just enjoy a meatless dish every now and again, veggie tacos are a delight any day of the week.