The Classic Teriyaki Chicken

Teriyaki chicken is a food that a lot of people know and love, and for good reason. It’s delightfully simple yet its flavors are rich and complex. Teriyaki chicken is a dish that anyone from children to the elderly will love and eat. 

What Is It?

Teriyaki chicken is a very simple dish. It’s simply grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce, and it’s usually served with some rice and vegetables on the side. The teriyaki sauce is what makes the dish unique, as it makes the chicken and everything else it touches sweet yet savory.

An American Innovation

Although many people think that teriyaki chicken is a Japanese dish, it actually isn’t, sort of. The dish was invented in Hawaii by Japanese immigrants who used Japanese cooking techniques. But the teriyaki sauce that everyone knows and love was not a thing that those Japanese immigrants to Hawaii brought with them. Rather, they used local ingredients to create the teriyaki sauce that we know today.


Teriyaki chicken is really easy to make, as it’s basically just coating grilled chicken with the teriyaki sauce. You can buy and use teriyaki sauce from your local supermarket, but you can also make your own at home. Just like the dish itself, teriyaki sauce is very simple to make, and the benefit of making it at home is that you can customize its flavor profile to your liking. Here’s a great yet simple recipe for making teriyaki sauce in your own kitchen, and most pantries will already have the ingredients necessary to make it.

Variations to Try

If you want to spice up your next Teriyaki Chicken dish, there are several different ways you can prepare it so you can try something new. You can bake the chicken to make baked teriyaki chicken. Though this method takes longer than pan frying, it can satisfy those with lighter appetites. You can also try fried teriyaki chicken, which is also very delicious as well. Another great way you can upgrade your teriyaki chicken is by garnishing it with fresh slices of pineapples, which brings a slice of Hawaii to this classic dish.