Lasagna Bolognese

Lasagna is believed to have been one of the first kinds of pasta to come into existence. In particular, Italian tradition says that it was invented in the Naples of the Middle Ages. However, the sheer passage of time means that lasagna recipes have spread throughout the Italian peninsula and beyond, with Emilia-Romagna and its capital of Bologna being no exception to this rule.

What Stands Out About Bolognese Lasagna?

There are some very broad generalizations that can be made about Bolognese lasagna. First, it should be mentioned that Emilia-Romagna is situated in Northeast Italy. This is relevant because traditional pasta dough in Northern Italy was made using flour and eggs rather than the semolina and water used in the south. Second, Emilia-Romagna has a strong focus on farming, which has resulted in increased availability of meat as well as dairy products. Due to this, it is common for its pastas to be served with a thick, meat and vegetable-based sauce called a ragu. Generally speaking, a ragu can incorporate various ingredients that range from ground beef and ground pork to celery, onions, and tomatoes.

How Can You Prepare Bolognese Lasagna?

Making a lasagna sounds simple enough. After all, a lasagna is just layers of cooked pasta alternating with layers of other ingredients such as meats, vegetables, and cheeses. In practice, well, suffice to say that the excellence of a lasagna corresponds with the amount of effort that has been put into it.

Due to this, interested individuals can find a wide range of recipes for making Bolognese lasagna. For example, if they want something that is relatively simple and straightforward while still offering that homemade taste, they might want to check out this recipe for baked Bolognese lasagna that comes with a white sauce as well as a slow-cooked meat sauce. In contrast, if they are interested in a Bolognese lasagna that incorporates veal as well as ground sirloin, they might want to check out this Martha Stewart recipe instead.

Are There Variations on Bolognese Lasagna?

There is incredible variation that can be found in Bolognese lasagna. After all, interested individuals can make theirs using a wide range of cooking methods as well as cooking ingredients, thus making for what can seem like infinite variation. For that matter, it is worth remembering that Bolognese lasagna is very similar to other kinds of lasagna as well as other kinds of Bolognese pasta, meaning that there are those possibilities as well.